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Sexual Health

Sexual health testing can be carried out in either a 30 minute doctor or 15 minute nurse consultation*. Please see commonly requested tests below, which are additional to the consultation fee. If you know what you want, book online and tell us the test you would like during the booking process in the reason for appointment window.

*You must have a test request form from your doctor or know the specific test you require. Please be aware that there will be no interpretation or advice given with results. 

Can be completed by the nurse (Gina Williams) or a doctor (Dr Northridge, Dr Hunt and Dr Gleave). 


Nurse smear appointment (15 minutes): Test only. Results sent by email, with no advice. For advice or referrals you will need to book a doctor's consult or take your results to your GP.


Doctor smear appointment (30 minutes): Results given with advice. If further care is required, additional consultations may need to be booked.  

Smear Tests

Male Problems "Downstairs"

9th November 2017

Some men are reluctant to come and see their doctor, particularly if the problem is ‘downstairs’. 

Here’s a brief summary of some of these (treatable) problems:

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If you know which tests you would like to order and would like a quote, please email us at info@mayfieldclinic.co.uk. The doctor will discuss with you what tests they are ordering, and the price of the tests, at your consultation.


Results are given by email with no medical advice as medical advice can only be given in a scheduled appointment with the doctor.