Dermatology & Minor Surgery

See a GP with experience in managing skin, including acne and minor surgery

Acne – Dr Moncrieff, Chair of the British Council for Dermatology, is one of the few general practitioners in the UK able to prescribe Isoretinoin (Accutane or Roaccutane) for the treatment of acne. To access this service, book a standard GP consultation with Dr Moncrieff.

Minor Surgery – Minor surgery is carried out by Dr James Hunt. We routinely remove benign moles, skin tags, cysts, lipomas and other skin lesions. In some cases, we may recommend referral to a specialist if we are not able to operate within the clinic.

Minor surgery is accessed via the following pathway:

  • An initial 15 minute assessment appointment with Dr Hunt, booked via our administration team ( Ideally we need an emailed a photo of your lesion
  • If you and Dr Hunt agree to proceed with the minor surgery, this will be conducted in a 30 minute minor surgery appointment
  • Histology is charged in addition to the assessment and minor surgery appointment fees
  • You may require a short follow-up appointment to have stitches removed

It is possible to book the 15 minute assessment and 30 minute minor surgery appointment back-to-back, but please be aware that depending on the outcome of the assessment it may not be possible to proceed with the surgery.

Appointments available with

How much will this cost?

Duration Non-member Fee Member Fee
Skin lesion excision e.g. mole removal (single) 30 £330 £330
Cyst Removal 30 £330 £330
Lipoma (Small) 30 £330 £330
Cryotherapy (single) 30 £75 £75
Skin tags (up to 5) 30 £330 £330
Histology (*variable but from £134) 30 £134* £134*
Stitches or gluing of lacerations (cuts) 30 £330 £330
Pre minor surgery appointment 15 £97.50 £92.50

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