Our healthcare professionals can advise-on and administer immunisations

Which immunisation do I need?

If you have questions about what immunisations you require, these can be discussed within a GP consultation.

I know which immunisation can I need, can you provide it?

During COVID-19, all immunisations are being delivered within a standard GP consultation.

When booking, please specify the vaccination you require. Please allow for at least 48 working hours for us to order the vaccine into the clinic. We can source all common immunisations.

How many doses will I require?

Immunisation Doses required
HPV (Gardasil) - Aged 11-14 2
HPV (Gardasil) - Aged 15+ 3
Whooping cough for travel (with Tetanus and Diptheria) 1
Chickenpox (doses 1 month apart) 2
Shingles (Zostavax only) 1
Meningitis B (Bexsero) 1
Immunisation Doses required
Diptheria Tetanus Polio 1
Hepatitis A 2
Hepatitis A and typhoid 1
Hepatitis B 3 or 4
Japanese Encephalitis 2
Meningitis ACWY 1
Rabies 3
Tick bourne encephalitis 3 or 4
Typhoid 1
Yellow Fever 1


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Holding your child: It is the responsibility of the parent to restrain their child for their vaccination. If the nurse or doctor is unable to administer the vaccination in the allotted appointment time because the child was improperly restrained, the consultation will need to be re-booked and no-refund will apply.

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