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If you know what vaccine you require, you can book into one of our immunisation consultations. Consultations cost £125, with vaccines priced individually in addition to the consultation fee. For individual vaccine prices see the table below.

If you require advice on which vaccines you need, please book a vaccine advice appointment

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We do not carry stock of immunisations. Please allow 48 working hours between booking your appointment and your appointment time. Aged 12+ consultations cost £125 for non-members, £0 for members.

Hepatitis B (Engerix 20)

£40 + consult

3 or 4 doses required

Hepatitis B Paed (Engerix 10)

£40 + consult

3 or 4 doses required

Chickenpox (Varilrix)

£60 + consult

2 doses, 1 month apart

HPV (Gardasil 9)

£150 + consult

Aged 11-14 2 doses, aged 15+ 3 doses

Pertussis (Repevax)

£50 + consult

Tetanus typhoid polio (Revaxis)

£35 + consult

1 dose

Hepatitis A (Havrix Monodose)

£45 + consult

2 doses

Meningitis ACWY (Nimenrix)

£60 + consult

Shingles (Zostavax)

£150 + consult

1 dose

MMR - Measles Mumps Rubella (Priorix)

£35 + consult

If you are unsure which vaccination/s you require, please book a vaccine advice appointment - we are unable to advise about vaccines within a standard vaccination consultation
Children aged 0-11 will require a children's vaccination consultation. It is the responsibility of the parent to restrain their child. If the healthcare professional is unable to administer the vaccination, the appointment is non-refundable and will need to be rebooked.

National Immunisation Schedule

The Green Book

US Immunisation Schedule

NHS - Fit For Travel

Meningitis B Immunisation Schedule

What we treat

For more information on the Chickenpox vaccination process, see the NHS' website

For more information on the Men ACWY vaccine (typically given in year 9), see the NHS' website

The shingles vaccine is given from the age of 50 onwards. For more information, see the NHS' website

Our private doctors are all trained as General Practitioners and are the best initial point of contact for any healthcare concern. Our GPs are able to be seen in Oxford or in London. They can provide general health advice, carry out investigations or deliver specific services including immunisations or medicals.

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