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Our Patients

We see patients of every age, people who live in or near Oxford and people who are visiting or studying in Oxford. For GP services you can use us for all of your healthcare needs or for an occasional visit.  If you live in the UK we recommend that you remain registered with an NHS GP.  You can access our GP services by booking online and do not need to register with the practice.

Overseas Visitors

If you are an overseas visitor to Oxford and need to see a doctor please book a GP appointment online. We will provide you with a medical report to take to your own doctor and this may be used for insurance claims.  If you prefer to use your insurance please ask them to book and pay for a consultation using our online booking system.  

Corporate Healthcare

If you are working in and around Oxford as an individual or in a group we can provide GP care for your team whilst you are here.  We regularly work with film crews on location in the Oxford area and for groups attending conferences.  Please contact our office for further information and pricing.

NHS Registration

We recommend to all of our UK national patients that they remain registered with their NHS doctor. Being seen at Mayfield clinic will not affect your eligibility to use the NHS.  If you are visiting us for the first time it is useful if you bring a medical summary as we are unable to access your NHS medical records.  We do not share records with your NHS GP without your consent.

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