Dr Paul Ch'en

MBiochem DPhil BM MRCGP

I came into medicine rather late having first completed an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and a PhD in cancer immunology (both at the University of Oxford), and then spending a couple of years as a post-doctoral research scientist at Imperial College London and the University of Oxford (under Professor Gavin Screaton, currently Head of the Oxford Medical Sciences Division). I then went on to obtain my medical degree from the University of Southampton in 2011 and completed my junior doctor training in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire area.

I currently divide my time between being a private GP (Tuesdays), a GP Partner (at an Oxford GP surgery), a College Doctor (for the university) and a 7DAS Doctor (OxFed). I have lived in Oxford for the last 28 years. Typically, the principal advantage of a private consultation is that we will have more time to go over your condition and address your concerns in a less time-pressured fashion compared to on the NHS. I believe having the time to listen to the finer details is an important aspect to providing holistic care


Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (at a GP level)

Acupuncture (primarily for back pain, neck pain and headaches/migraines; open to discussion)

Student Health

Additional Information

My time spent away from work is with my family. If I were not a doctor, I would have liked to have been an artist or an architect, and had seriously contemplated pursuing such career paths in my youth. Perhaps after I retire? My background is a little complicated: I had an international, multi-cultural upbringing, with schooling in the UK and Japan (I speak fluent Japanese). I am well-versed in the English private school system having gone to one myself, and am happy to see students of all ages.

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