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—  1st November

Fluad is the adjuvanted trivalent flu vaccine available for individuals over the age of 65. It is a preferable vaccination as it offers a stronger level of immunity to those in that age bracket. 

Fluad vaccinations are now in stock and available to be given as a quick walk in appointment. 

We advise that you call on the day to see if there is a preferable time in which to come but otherwise please arrive at the practice at 25 minutes past the hour or 5 minutes to the hour - so as to fit vaccinations between appointments. ​

Fluad - £50

Here is an information sheet on Fluad.


—  30th August

Flu vaccines have arrived! The vaccine we offer is a quadrivalent vaccine - which protects against four strains of the flu virus. This vaccination can be given to all patients from 6 months to 65 years old.


Over 65s should have the adjuvanted trivalent vaccine - see 65+ flu vaccines.

Flu vaccine (quadrivalent and trivalent) - £40

Nasal flu vaccine - £40

Children aged 5 years and under  require a nurse appointment for vaccine administration and this can be booked using the online booking system.

If you would like to book in to have your vaccination please call 01865 423425


Phoebe Grant  —  30th August


As of September 2018 we are launching a new radiology clinic. Dr Rajat Chowdhury and Dr Rowena Johnson are highly trained consultant radiologists, specialising in musculoskeletal radiology. They currently work on Harley Street and in several private hospitals, and we are really excited to launch their new clinic here at Mayfield.

What is radiology I hear you cry? And what can a radiologist do for me? I had these same questions which is why I sat down with Dr Johnson recently to quiz her on all that she and Dr Chowdhury do, what problems they help with and the services they provide. Musculoskeletal trained radiologists work with all bone/muscle/joint and soft tissue problems. Any ache or pain in the body is something that they can see, observe under ultrasound, diagnose and treat. And to top it all of they see patients of all ages. 


By definition radiologists use imaging techniques to aid their diagnosis and treatment, and ultrasound is Dr Chowdhury and Dr Johnson's imaging of choice. Ultrasound is the highest resolution imaging currently available in medicine, even higher than MRI. The image created is shown on a screen in real time, so along with your radiologist you are able to explore the area that is causing discomfort and those areas around it. Diagnostic ultrasound allows dynamic assessments with patients, where the radiologists move body parts whilst looking at them on the high-resolution screen. Dr Chowdhury and Dr Johnson will examine patients with a pain symptom, propose some tests, perform the test in situ during the appointment, showing you the images whilst giving explanation of their diagnosis. This real-time testing allows fast diagnosis and treatment.


Not only are Dr Chowdhury and Dr Johnson able to rapidly and accurately diagnose you, they have a range of treatments that they offer routinely. Though, if they feel that another clinician is best positioned to offer treatment they will refer you on to other specialists. The treatments that our radiologists offer are mostly by way of steroid injections and complex injections. 

To a person who is not medically trained like myself, the words 'steroid injections and complex injections' mean very little to me. So in case you don't know either - here is a brief run through of what they are and what they can treat: 

 - Steroid injection: these are corticosteroid injections of anti-inflammatory medicine. They can treat: joint pain, wear and tear, osteoarthritis, sciatica and a whole host of other problems.

          - Complex injections: there is a whole range of complex injections but some examples are autologous blood needling, stripping and PRP (rich-platelet) injections.

These complex injections can even be specialised to treat bone and soft tissue cancer patients as well. From this brief explanation you can see that the work that radiologists do is very dynamic and covers a spectrum of problems, and with all treatments being individualised to you, so its best to come and see one of them to see what they can do for you. 

All of these injections are done under ultrasound guidance (and lots of local anaesthetic!) with needles that are thinner than blood vessels. Dr Chowdhury comes from a surgical training which means that many of the techniques that he and Dr Johnson use are taken directly from these settings to reduce discomfort during treatment. So though they may sound painful - they aren't! 

Dr Chowdhury and Dr Johnson are brilliant radiologists, and enjoy their work for the basic reason that the results they achieve with patients are almost immediate. Pain decreases quickly and patients rapidly start to feel better, which is a large part of what makes their job so rewarding.

Look out for our blog by Dr Johnson - coming soon!


 Find out more about our radiologists and what they offer here.


NEWS: Trustpilot

—  30th August

We have launched ​Mayfield Clinic onto Trustpilot so that you can now leave us reviews there for others to see. We are always looking to improve our service and really value feedback. It can also be really encouraging for our hardworking team!