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Our nurses are able to give immunisations to children and adults. 


We are not able to provide you with information on immunisations or scheduling before a consultation.If you have any questions about vaccines please refer to                                for information.  If you are still have questions, please book an appointment with a doctor or practice nurse who will be able to advise you further.




How long?
How much?

Advice only

Nurse or doctor

15 minutes

Nurse consult  or doctor consult

Vaccine administration


15 minutes

Vaccine cost

Immunisations on a different schedule to the National Immunisation Schedule or for unusual and complex situations - including travel vaccination for under 12s


30 minute consultation 

Doctor consult plus cost of the vaccines


Immunisation Fees

All prices are price per dose. Please book an appointment with the Nurse and the cost of the consultation will contribute to the cost of the vaccination. Put the vaccination you woudl like in the "appointment reason" when booking online. 

**Please call to book

Immunisations are normally done in a nurse appointment and the cost of the appointment will contribute towards the total cost of the vaccination. Immunisations can be booked in a doctors appointment however the total cost is consultation plus the full price of the vaccination. 

When booking on your appointment on Hero Doctors, please indicate the vaccination you would like to have in the "appointment reason" to ensure we have it in stock for you.



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Holding your child

It is the responsibility of the parent to restrain their child for their vaccination.

If the nurse or doctor is unable to administer the vaccination in the allotted appointment time because the child was improperly restrained, we will do our best to reschedule you for later the same day however the cost of the appointment time missed is payable at £60 and a new appointment will also have to be paid for.