How to use our services

Using Mayfield

Mayfield Clinic can be used as your primary healthcare provider or just for occasional visits. We are not funded by the NHS or the UK government - all of our services are delivered privately and must be paid for in-advance (for appointments) or at the point of care deliver (for tests, pathology etc.).

When booking an appointment at Mayfield, you are booking a specified time slot with a healthcare practitioner. Any services you require must be delivered within this time slot – if the service requires additional time (e.g., letter writing outside of the consultation), you will be billed for the time taken. You may discuss additional fees with your practitioner during your consultation.

Accessing care

If you are not a member of the Membership scheme, appointments must be booked online. We do not provide a call-answering service to non-members – information regarding our services is available on our website or can be obtained in a standard GP consultation.

For members of the Mayfield Clinic Membership scheme, appointments can be booked online or over the phone. For more detail on become a member, please click here.

To book a GP appointment, click here
To book a Clinical Psychology appointment, click here
To book a Psychiatry appointment, click here
To book a Radiology appointment, click here

For Nurse appointments, please identify the service you require and follow the appropriate instructions to book an appointment.

Our patients

UK nationals – We recommend to all UK national patients that you maintain a registration with an NHS doctor. Being seen at Mayfield will not impact on your eligibility to use the NHS.

We do not share records with the NHS without your consent.International patients – If you are an overseas visitor and need to see a doctor, please book a GP appointment online. Our doctors will provide you with a medical report that you can submit to your regular doctor once you’ve returned home.

Insurance – We work with BUPA Global and selected international insurers. Insurers will be asked to provide a guarantee of payment for the consultation in-advance. Please contact our team via and specify ‘Insurance booking’ in the subject.

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