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Dr Marcus J W Gleave


I completed undergraduate studies at the University of Sheffield. After qualifying in 2007 I moved to Oxford for postgraduate training, which involved working in specialities including obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery, paediatrics and general medicine.  I have an interest in acute and urgent care, palliative medicine and care of older adults. I am comfortable seeing all patients and medical problems encountered in general practice. have worked in a variety of hospital specialities including paediatrics, obstetrics/gynaecology and orthopaedics.


Men's health, paediatrics and geriatrics

Additional Information

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my young family, rugby, skiing and running. 

Posts by Dr Marcus Gleave

As I have two young daughters I have been asked to share my thoughts on health advice for new parents.  Memories of the early days of parenthood are a horrific blur of not sleeping much and surviving on a diet of bacon sandwiches and wine – we should bear in mind the adage ‘Do as I say not as I do…. Read more

Some men are reluctant to come and see their doctor, particularly if the problem is ‘downstairs’. 

Here’s a brief summary of some of these (treatable) problems:

Erectile dysfunction/impotence

Happens to almost every man at some point.  Common causes are alcohol, stress, tiredness and relationship problems..Read more