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Dr Amanda Northridge


I have been a GP for 25 years working in both the NHS and private sectors in London, Australia and Oxford. After qualifying at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, I first worked as a GP in Fulham and later as a private GP in central London. Here I found the extra time with my patients made a huge difference and I became a full time private GP soon after this. A 6 month trip to Australia turned into 9 years of living and working as a GP in two Australian cities before moving back to live and work in Oxford.  I founded Mayfield Clinic in 2010 and brought together the current team.


I believe that mental and emotional well-being impacts on all aspects of health. and I encourage my patients to keep well, and to age well. I also have an interest in women's health.

Additional Information

I have 3 children, two of whom have left home. In my spare time, I play as much tennis as I can, as well as the occasional game of golf.

Posts by Dr Amanda Northridge

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14th December 2017