Day 2 & Day 8 Testing

Mandatory international arrivals testing

Mandatory Day 2 & Day 8 surveillance testing is available from Mayfield Clinic as a package for arrivals back to the UK. Tests are dispatched to you by post or can be collected from Mayfield Clinic. We also provide a GP-led testing service.

Test To Release can be used to end quarantine on Day 5, upon receipt of a negative result. Otherwise, you will need to wait until Day 10 and until you've received negative results from both your Day 2 and Day 8 mandatory tests.

Day 2 & Day 8 Testing

Test Type

Surveillance Testing

Sample Type

Throat & Nasal Swab

How to access results

Sent via email

Timeline to results

~48 hours after returning with included postal bag

How do I return my kit?

Using the included postage-paid postal bag

Self-test options

Day 2 & Day 8 Package (£249)

Day 2, Day 5 Same Day Test To Release & Day 8 Package (£499)

How do I collect the sample? Self-test, following the included instructions

Who is this suitable for? Individuals of all ages

How do I access the kit? Collect from Mayfield Oxford or via post

Are results sent over the weekend? Yes 24/7

How to order a self-test package?

Please order via the website (£249 or £499 with Test To Release)

Any questions?

Your booking reference number will be MAYFI0 followed by your invoice number (sent on the receipt provided).

If you test positive for either Day 2 or Day 8 test you must quarantine for a further 10 days from the day you took the test – you will receive further advice alongside your test results. Positive day 2 tests are sent for genomic sequencing to check the strain of the virus the patient is carrying. If your test shows that you have a variant of coronavirus known as a ‘variant of concern’, you will get a further call and your contacts will be asked to be tested.

  • The biggest challenge in getting a fast Day 8 result will be from the postal timeline from sending your sample back to the laboratory in Cambridge.
  • Tests will be analysed in ~24 hours, once they reach the lab. If your Day 8 falls on a Saturday and Sunday, using the postal service your sample will typically not arrive until Tuesday, so you should not expect a result until Wednesday.
  • For faster Day 8 results, consider using a direct courier or alternative postal service

Once you’ve quarantined for 10 days and received a negative result to both your day 2 and day 8 tests, you may leave the place where you’re quarantining. The only way to shorten this period, is by taking a 'Test To Release' test on or after Day 5

Return your Test To Release kit to us on Day 5 (where Day 0 is the day you arrive back into the UK) before 3PM, and upon receipt of a negative result you can exit travel isolation / quarantine. You are still required to submit the Day 8 test.

Day 2 and Day 8 samples should be sent by Royal Mail using the included postage paid envelopes.

Day 5 same day test to release samples should be returned to one of our same day drop points.

Appointments available at

How much will this cost?

Duration Non-member Fee Member Fee
Next Day PCR Test Kit - £175 -
Same Day PCR Test Kit - £250 -
Day 2 & Day 8 PCR Package - £249 -
Day 2, Day 5 Same Day Test To Release, Day 8 PCR Package - £499 -
Healthcare Professional Led PCR Test (Next Day) 15 From £249 From £245
Healthcare Professional Led PCR Test (Same Day) 15 From £349 From £320
Healthcare Professional Led Antigen Test 15 From £149 -
Healthcare Professional Led Day 2 or Day 8 Test 15 £285 £245

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