Coronavirus testing

Private coronavirus PCR swab and antibody testing

COVID-19 The “Have I had coronavirus?” test (Antibody Blood Test)

Before ordering, please read our Antibody test guide here. Our preferred method of testing is via 'venous' draw or 'venipuncture', where a GP draws blood from you at our Clinic in Summertown. Results are typically available within 48 hours.

Book GP-led venipuncture

The fingerprick / capillary sample antibody test is currently out of stock. We will upgrade unused fingerprick tests to the venous drawn service. For details on the test we are using, we provide test specification data here, and outline why we are using the Abbott test here.

If you wish to discuss your results with a clinician, please book a follow-up consultation.

COVID-19 The "Do I currently have Coronavirus?" test (PCR Swab)

Before ordering, please read our PCR swab test guide here. Mayfield Clinic, working in partnership with our UKAS accredited laboratory, is able to offer private Coronavirus swab testing to patients nationwide.

Order PCR swab kit

This test is appropriate if you currently have coronavirus symptoms. Results are available typically available in 48-72 hours. Samples can be dropped back at the clinic for couriering to the laboratory.

COVID-19 Travel Certification Service (PCR Swab)

We are providing a doctor-led service for individuals needing to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines and travel services are requiring COVID-19 travel certification. Please see this article for more details, or this service can be booked here:

Book Fit to fly medical

COVID-19 Corporate Testing

For details about our onsite corporate testing service, please read this article.

How much will this cost?

Duration Non-member Fee Member Fee
Abbott antibody blood test (venous drawn) 15 £225 £195
Certified PCR test with GP (Fit to fly) 30 £285 £245
PCR home test kit - £175 £175

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